October 2015
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If you are a first-time visitor, welcome to my site.  Otherwise, welcome back.  

I am currently working on my second novel, a love story that spans fifty years in the lives of the protagonists.  At the same time, I am researching a novel that tells the story of my grandfather, my grandmother and my mother.  My grandfather was captured as a POW in 1915 in France: the family story starts with my grandfather’s experience during WW1 and moves on to embrace my grandmother’s story and that of my mother.  

My first novel is available as an ebook from Amazon here and as a paperback book here. Apologies to early purchasers for the many typos.  The newly-edited edition (thank you Judith) is now available.  

A huge thanks go to Pippa Lobban for her brilliant cover design: this can be seen below.   



Please feel free to post an honest review of Visions of Whereafter on its Amazon book page.  

There is a button towards the foot of the page for you to write a customer review.  This helps to spread the word: thank you.   

It is nice to get a bit of local publicity in the Solihull News here.  


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