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If you are a first-time visitor, welcome to my site.  Otherwise, welcome back.  

Let be briefly explain the items in the Main Menu  because I have re-organised them and introduced some new ones recently.  

Under Home there is a brief Biography.  

My Books is about books that I have self-published to date and is also about work in progress for future publications.  

News Items is a relatively new feature.  In it, I will post news about what I am doing in terms of promoting my books. 

Reviews & Poems: the first sub-menu item includes reviews of my one and only self-published book to date.   The second sub-menu item includes a number of my attempts to write poetry.

New Street Authors is a group of like-minded, self-published authors.  We meet every third Thursday of the month in a pub in the centre of Birmingham.  

Blogs: I post mostly in the first blog Vicissitudes of Life on a fairly regular basis.  

Recommendations are for books that I have read by a number of fellow self-published authors.  

There is a Contact form over on the right-hand side if you would like to get in touch with me.  

You can ignore the login form: this is only for the designers of this website.

A huge thanks to Peter Lobban for creating the site for me.

This is me in my study at home.   

This is where the writing takes place

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